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Shrink –X

Compressive Shrinking Ranges: Shrink-X series machines improved for finishing process of woven, knitted and denim fabrics. Thanks to shrinking range which can be produced alternatively, more productive and stable shrinking values are obtained.

Application Ranges: DIt is compressive shrinking process machine used for the treatment of woven, knitted as well as special version denim fabrics just comes after the stenter machines. In some applications, before press machines, it is also used to correct the linear defects.

Purposes of compressive shrinkage:
• The best dimensional stability
• Stabilize fabric structure
• Fabric surface treatment and adjustment
• To have better hand touch effect

According to the requests of the customers, there are alternative entry and exit options as batcher, trolley or J-box.

  • Stainless steel main frame structure, Ø 612 mm diameter main shrinking drum and installed with special high temperature bearing.
  • Steam-heated main drum (tasted at 9 bar) is driven by 15kW motor.
  • It consists of three automatic adjustment rubber stretching, press rollers and grinded, chromium plated and polished rollers.
  • Automatic pressure adjustment, during start-stop times of machine are adjusted to one of them has a pneumatic movement. Internal rubber felt cleaning unit and grinding unit is avaliable.

New technological platform:

  • Rubber belt tension and pressure can be adjusted automatically and mo torized.
  • There is in ternal rubber belt grinding unit.
  • Longer life of rubber belt is provided thereby using large diameter cylinder rollers.
  • There is w ater-jet rubber belt cooling unit.
  • All squeezing rollers are positioned outside the machine so as to pr event wear and tear.

Thanks to cooling unit, occurrence of crack and slot in some parts of the rubber, during shrinking, is prevented. By means of this application, are provided to extend the working life of rubber.

Improved Grinding Rubber: Rubber belt grinding unit is integrated on the machine, but can be removed if necessary. Grinding process is easily and quite fast performed with necessary adjustments on touch screen. Grinding uniform throughout the entire width of the rubber blanket is provided with water cooled roller grinding. Protected grinding system with absorption unit is avaliable.

Stable Shrinkage Results: It gives 15 – 18 % more production opportunity compare to traditional machines. Thanks to new design and developed automation system, it provides repeatable production quality. It provides stable shrinkage results.

Adjusted Humidity Level: Humidity level can be clearly adjusted with continuous adjustable electronic dosing system. It provides re-adjustable humidity level thanks to the PLC and production recipes are automatically adjusted to speed of machine.

Shrinkage is a process between powers. Rubber felt is compressed against the heated drum. Fabric remains between rubber surface and slippery surface of heated drum. Thus, the fabric is forced to change the size according the rubber belt, after compressed.

The Degree of Shrinkage depends on:
• Compression degree in the rubber felt
• Working speed of the rubber felt
• Temperature of the main drum
• Humidity of the processed fabric

  • Chain section consists of 2000 mm horizontal chain rails and clip type chain.
  • There is strong structured rail system with carbon graphite.
  • It provides modular assembly rail structure without welding.
  • It provides more pressure and more shrinkage degree.
  • It gives more smooth and bright touching effect on the fabric surface.
  • The best results are obtained for polyester finishing.
  • It is suitable both shrinkage and fabric handle for denim fabrics.
  • It consists of stainless steel main frame and brightly –polished steel main drum with 7.5 kW drive.
  • Drum diameter range is between 800 mm to 2000 mm.
  • Diameter range of felt drying drum, brightly polished steel is between 570 mm to 1250 mm.