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RAM-X SERIES - STENTER MACHINE; are the machines, each point of which is manufactured carefully, to provide the most efficient operational productivity possible with low energy expenses for finishing operations on the textile products.

  • RAM – X series; are the machines, each point of which is manufactured carefully, to provide the most efficient operational productivity possible with low energy expenses for finishing operations on the textile products.
  • Unique chamber isolation feature, cross fan which is designed to achieve efficient use of heat and homogenous air flow – provides energy saving and capacity increase in production between 8% - 15% compared to the traditional machines.
  • Thanks to the heating and air circulation sections, which are placed crossly at intervals of three meters, higher air circulation gain and homogenous drying performance is achieved.
  • Independent air-flow system is achieved through PLC control thanks to two inverters and four fans in each chamber. Air flow in the lower and upper nozzles is independently controlled through two inverters. This way, desired fixing and feeding value is achieved on even the most delicate fabrics.
  • Thanks to its nozzle structure which can be easily demounted and cleaning doors, the nozzles can be quickly and easily cleaned without being removed from the machine. In addition, internal access doors on both sides of the machine provide easy access to the nozzles.
  • Diameters of the nozzle holes and numbers of holes are designed with flow simulation analysis and calculations to achieve the most efficient air flow. Air speeds in the nozzle holes are tested in different conditions and equal edge to edge air speed performance is achieved. Slot type nozzle applications are available for coating applications and finishing operations on the fabrics with high pile; and different applications are specially manufactured for lower and upper nozzle distances.
  • Fabric width control can be gradually increased and decreased (5% - 10% according to the type of the fabric) between the chambers thanks to the width adjustment spindles on one in two chambers or on each chamber according to customers demand.

Inlet Units

RAM – X series stenter machine includes different inlet and outlet units for knitted and woven fabrics, technical textile and coating systems.

Single foulard, double foulard, high input, batcher unwinding, centrally driven batcher unwinding and for non-stop fabric working possibility, J-box and accumulator inlet options are available.

Outlet Units

Fabric outlet options can be produced as alternatives which are different in types as sample roll-up, non-stop roll-up, batcher, tangential batcher, centrally – driven batcher and plaiter type. In addition, combinations where some of them are used together can be applied.

Technical Specifications

  • The fabrics with thin piles on the surface (especially velvet type fabrics), the shape of the piles that become reclined to left and right following the pretreatments (brushing, raising etc.) is distorted. This fabric pile brushing sysytem located at the input frame unit of the stenter machine ensures that the piles on the fabric surface look homogenous by brushing the mixed piles and transferring them into the chamber.
  • It is possible to control all the systems of the machine such as the working speed, feeding settings, exhaust fan speeds, width spreading system and chamber heats / settings with the control panel which is protected in the industrial panel, touch-operated and includes the feature of storing.
  • LCD outlet monitoring monitor provides ease of operation by seeing the outlet of the machine, to the operator.

  • Operator platform is designed in a way enabling easy control and easy manage of all related systems of the machine. The machine is equipped with outlet camera system, monitoring monitor, amphimicrophone system, audible and flashing warning systems in order to provide the communication between the operator and co-operator.


  • Entry Rail Options: Different types of rail applications at the length of 1.5m, 3m, 3m+1.5m, 3m+3m, 3m+3m+3m are available for finishing operations on the woven, knitted and home textile fabrics.
  • Entry rails are made of stainless steel in two rows with different widths depending on the fabric as a conveyor group preventing sagging of the fabric, mounted to the frame, height of which is set to the pin level.
  • Driven Conveyor Unit: Independent driven conveyor which can work synchronized to main chain speed carry the fabric, without tension, from upper fabric feeding roller to chambers.

Homogenous Drying: Each three-meter chamber has counter-type heating and air circulation section arrangement with the following chambers which provide more space and more air circulation value as well as homogenous drying performance.

Energy Saving: It provides energy saving between 8% - 15% compared to the traditional machines thanks to its diagonal fannozzle system designed to achieve its unique feature of chamber insulation, efficient use of heat and homogenous air flow.

Minimum Maintenance Requirement: Chain rails are designed to achieve high working performance including challenging working conditions as well as minimum maintenance need. Regular maintenance of the chain rail groups provides usage for long term. It has a chain structure with special roller and the feature of longterm usage.

Independent Air Control: Air control is achieved with PLC control thanks to two drivers and four fans in each chamber. Air flow to the upper and lower nozzles is controlled independently by two invertors.

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