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With a modern understanding of client service, in case of a damage to your machinery and upon your notification of such damage, HAS-GROUP, provides necessary services within a time as short as possible through its well-trained and motivated engineers and technicians. 

For the machinery in compliance with warranty conditions, high machinery performance and smooth function of machinery parts are ensured.   For the machinery not included in the scope of warranty, the same service is provided in consideration of a reasonable price. The staff commandeering the machinery are trained on site or in technical laboratories in our company by our specialist personnel. 

Besides its own clients, HAS-GROUP provides services in a wide range for the machinery of different brands owned by the companies that are not its clients. 

In general, we have a wide range of consumables in our warehouses suitable for your roller coat machines of all brands and models, and our team of assembly and installation performs set up and maintenance operations in your facilities. 

The services such as determination of proper operation cylinder wire for your teasel raising machines and proper knife supplies for your fabric and process of your shearing / machines are provided as well as technical supporting when necessary.

Brush hair placing and abrasion operations for the cylinders of carbon or ceramic based brushing machines are performed in our company with machinery of high performance. Your cylinders, which brush hair placing and abrasion operations has been done are assembled with into your machine for fabric effect operations by our service team who provides assistance for our valuable clients.  

As HAS-GROUP After-Sale Service Department, our target is to provide reliable, fast, high-quality services to our valuable clients with economic prices as well as to supply necessary spare parts. We would like to inform you that we are always ready to provide assistance for all demands of service and spare parts.


The mission of HAS GROUP After-Sale Service Department, is to produce more flexible automation solutions with energy saving, and to present you proposals of solution aiming to reduce your product development costs and to put your products into the market within a shorter time and with a higher value. 

Our target is to produce simple and easy-to-use machinery solutions for machinery manufacturers, to increase productivity of your machinery reducing complexity in the processes of design, development, manufacturing and maintenance. 

Solution Recommendations About Machinery Automation:

  • Upgrading your machinery according to the new technology 
  • Lower costs of energy 
  • Faster trouble-shooting 
  • Regularly production data collection  
  • Remote access